WordPress is what we refer to as a “content management system” or “CMS” for short. In layman’s terms WordPress is an online platform that allows the creation of a website.

Simply put WordPress makes the website design and development process easier by helping developers manage the websites code, content, functions etc without relying on the direct editing of code.

Why do we use WordPress to build websites for our clients?

WordPress is now used by more than 30% of websites worldwide. There’s a reason so many businesses and individuals choose WordPress and why we use WordPress exclusively to build websites for all of our clients.

  • WordPress reduces the amount of development required saving you money
  • WordPress websites are great when it comes to website SEO (Google Rankings)
  • WordPress websites can be grown as your business grows
  • WordPress websites allow you to edit your website once built
  • WordPress is highly customisable
  • WordPress allows you to own the website outright

WordPress saves you money

WordPress websites are easier to develop when compared with traditional HTML websites.

In the past web developers would build every aspect of each website from scratch. This would take an enormous amount of time and was very inefficient. Worse, everytime a website needed to be edited and redesigned, the developer would need to spend hours editing the code to make even the simplest of changes.

These days WordPress sets up the basic structure and the developer can focus on perfecting the website design instead of wasting time on the basics.

In short less time spent developing your website means a lower cost website for you as a customer.

WordPress websites are great for SEO

When it comes to website SEO, WordPress is hard to beat. WordPress displays your website in a format that Google loves and with the help of an SEO Agency (such as us here at The Honest Agency) you can achieve incredible SEO results.

“Free” website builders such as Wix, Squarespace, Weebly etc can really struggle when it comes to performing SEO.

In short if you’re looking to rank of Google and have SEO performed, you’d be nuts to choose anything other than WordPress.

WordPress websites are great for a growing business

The beauty of WordPress is that is makes your website modular. This means each part of your website can be added on or removed as needed.

Need to add ecommerce? Simply add the WordPress plugin Woocommerce and hey presto, you can now sell through your website.

Want to add a members only pages to your site? Simply add the Ultimate Members plugin and you now have a website that features pages that can only be viewed by members who are given private logins.

You’ll need a developer to add the plugins above unless you are skilled with WordPress development, however once setup properly these systems and similar plugins are very easy for you to use and manage.

In short, you don’t need to completely rebuild your website everytime you want to add new functionality and grow your website to match the services and size of your business.

WordPress websites are easy to edit

If you’re looking to save a bit of money and get hands on with the management of your WordPress website, we offer training with our website packages.

Once the website has been built, we can teach you how to make basic changes and manage required aspects of your website.

Typically most customers can easily:

  • Make basic text changes
  • Change simple images
  • Swap videos within the website
  • Manage their online store
  • Manage memberships
  • Create simple pages where required
  • Add blog posts

WordPress Websites are highly customisable

Unlike many CMS’s the world is truly your oyster when it comes to creating your dream design in WordPress.

With help from a WordPress developer such as the team here at The Honest Agency, you can effectively create the website design of your dreams.

Dependant on budget, you can go as far as you like with your website tweaking the design, adding functionality, and making sure your website works the exact way you imagined.

You own your WordPress website

WordPress is completely free to use. Once your website is built you won’t pay a cent to continue using WordPress.

Sites like Wix and similar website builders say they’re “Free”, but as soon as you’re looking to customise your website, add functionality, or speed your website up, you start getting hit with ongoing fees left right and center.

Worse, many of these companies don’t actually release the ownership of the website to their clients. This means you never actually own your website, you’re simply renting it from the website provider.

All of our WordPress websites are handed over to our clients with all ownership and logins supplied upon final payment of your bill.

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