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How To Create The Perfect Website Landing Page

A landing page is used to direct customers to from advertisements you are running. These are sales focused pages within your website that are designed specifically to convert website views into enquiries or sales.

Landing pages can be of huge benefit to your website and should be included as a part of your overall website design as they help you get the most out of your online marketing activities by attracting a great conversion rate and a higher return on investment.

If you’re spending money on online marketing, you want to make sure you can land as many customers as possible that are fed through to the website from your ads!

Below is a guide to setting up your landing pages so that they work as a sales tool for your business. Learn how to create the perfect landing page and significantly increase your website enquiries.

Identify The Pain Points of Your Customers

Your customers are coming to your website because they are looking for a solution to a problem they are experiencing. It may be a customer with a busted hot water heater, it may be a customer needing help with online marketing.

Regardless of the problem, your job is to prove that you are the solution your customers have been looking for! The first area on your landing page should be used to identify the problem your customers are experiencing and then to explain how you will go about fixing the issue and why you are the right business for the job.

Target Specific Services

Your landing pages should be very specific with a particular customer in mind. If we use the examples of a plumber, we would ideally want to create a landing page for each service on offer.

Customers looking for a hot water heater don’t want to have to skim through information about leak repairs and vice versa. Give customers information on the exact service they are looking for and watch your conversion rate skyrocket.

Break Down Your Content Before You Start Designing

The biggest trap we see business owners fall into when creating landing pages is trying to cram as much text content as possible into their designs. Your content should quickly get your point across in as few words as possible.

Content should be broken into small, easily digestible chunks and should be broken down under headings that customers can use to skim read through your page. Your customers should be able to read each heading on the page and completely understand the service you are selling and how you can help solve their problem.

Promote Trust and Credibility With Testimonials

Testimonials are crucial on a landing page as customers will typically be sceptical of your business. As customers don’t know your business, the use of testimonials will provide proof that you can do what you say you can do, and that you have helped customers just like them in the past.

Prove Your Work With A Portfolio

There’s no better way of proving your work than showing off your work to your customers via quality images. A portfolio area on your landing page is a fantastic way to show customers what you can do for them as they are able to quickly verify the quality of your work by looking through various images of your past projects.

A quick piece of advice… Use a quality camera or smartphone! There’s nothing less appealing than blurry, poorly lit images on a website as it creates an unprofessional feel and reduces the likelihood of customers making an enquiry.

Create Call To Actions In The Form of an Offer

Call to actions are where you capture your customers’ details to then contact them and land the sale! The best way to land customer details is to offer them something attractive!

Your offer could be a discount, a coupon, a free extra, or anything that will entice customers to leave their details with you or to give you a call. Using our own online marketing landing page as an example, we offer our customers a free 1 hour strategy session to get them to fill in a contact form on the page.

Make Sure Your Contact Details Are Readily Available

At a minimum you should have your contact details present in the header, footer and a call to action on the landing page. We suggest giving customers your phone number, email address, and giving customers the ability to fill out a contact form on the page.

A great way to get customers to enquire is the addition of live chat to your website. Many customers like to quickly send a message through live chat to receive a quick and easy reply.

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