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Mailchimp WordPress Website Integration

If you’re looking to build your Mailchimp subscriber list to market to your customers on an ongoing basis integrating your Mailchimp account as a part of your with your website design is a great place to start.

There are three core ways we like to integrate the Mailchimp accounts of our clients with their WordPress Websites. Each has its own benefits and each allows you to add users who are at different points in their journey to becoming your customer.

Standard Mailchimp Signup Forms

Standard Mailchimp forms are the traditional way of attracting signups to your mailing list. These forms are a direct connection to your Mailchimp list and allow customers to enter their details to receive your marketing materials or newsletter.

You have the ability to collect as many or as few details as you like from your customers using this methods, however we suggest using name, phone and email at a minimum.

Gravity Forms Mailchimp Integration

When adding a standard enquiry form to your website we will use Gravity forms in most cases unless otherwise specified.

Gravity forms allows your customers to enter their details and send you a message through your website. This message will be send to your email address and will also be saved in the back end of your website as a backup for future reference.

The gravity forms Mailchimp integration will automatically add users who enquire through your website forms to your mailing list, just as they would be added if they signed up with a standard mailchimp form.

Effectively the Gravity Forms Mailchimp integration allows you to receive an enquiry and build your mailing list at the same time.

Typically an individual enquiring through your website is interested in your services and will be more likely to respond well to ongoing email marketing.

Woocommerce Mailchimp Integration

Much like the Gravity Forms integration, the Woocommerce Mailchimp integration will add customers who make a purchase through your website to your Mailchimp mailing list.

This integration will only apply to websites that have Woocommerce installed and that are operating as an online store selling products.

We suggest adding these customers to their own list within your Mailchimp account in order to send them future deals, updates about new products, and to increase the likelihood of a secondary purchase through your online store.

A great idea to keep in mind is that it is much easier to sell to existing customers than it is to sell to customers who have never purchased from you in the past. This is because you have already built a relationship with existing customers and developed a sense of trust.

Opt In Messages

We always suggest using the double opt in feature through Mailchimp to ensure users added to your list have given their approval.

This system will send anyone added to your mailing list an email asking them to confirm they would like to be a part of this list. If they don’t accept they won’t be added to the list.

Your conversion rate will be much higher if users in your Mailchimp lists have confirmed that they actually want to receive your marketing material.

Never simply add users to your lists without approval as this is bad practice and in some cases illegal.

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