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Online Marketing Catered To Your Business

Not all forms of online marketing work for all business types. It is important to first analyse your business and work out what forms of marketing will work best based on your business model and goals.

Before creating your campaigns we will run you through an in depth brief so we completely understand your business and what you want to get put of your online marketing efforts.

Types of Online Marketing

We focus on four primary online marketing methods. These are; SEOGoogle Ads, Social Media, and Email Marketing.

The types of online marketing that we decide to utilise will depend on your business and goals that we identify during your in depth online marketing brief.

We Focus On Return On Investment

When developing your online marketing we place a strong emphasis on return on investment. Return on investment is effectively how much money you will earn in relation to how much you spend on your marketing.

The return on investment formula is:

ROI = (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment

Example: If every $1 you spend on marketing results on $10 in sales your return on investment would be 90%.

Your Website Matters

Once the types of online marketing have been identified, your campaign will be setup to start driving traffic to your website. The difference between The Honest Agency and other Marketing Agencies is that we are also web designers and developers and focus heavily on making sure your website converts traffic into real sales for your business.

There’s no point in us setting up a fantastic campaign that drives significant traffic to your website if your website is simply not up to scratch and doesn’t land sales for your business.

Our web design team have the experience and knowledge needed to turn your website and marketing into a sales producing machine.

This is what makes us a Northern Beaches Marketing Agency that can provide you with real results that equate to a real increase in sales for your business.

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