What Makes A Great Logo Design

There is a seemingly endless list of graphic designers offering logo design services. These logos range in quality, price, effectiveness, and some seem to stand out from the pack while others get lost amongst the sea of similar, uninspired designs. Let’s look into what an effective logo design can achieve for your business and what are the elements that make a great logo design.

Elements of a great logo design

A great logo design captures the personality of a business and its people. From the first interaction with a potential customer, an effective logo design perfectly represents its business’s culture through colour, imagery choices, font styles and those finishing touches that make a logo unique.

Yes, you can get a logo from various online marketplaces for as little as $50, however these are mass produced, impersonal logos that don’t effectively represent your company and what you’re about.

In addition to being impersonal, often these logos are a very close copy of logos from other companies and can run into trademark infringement issues.

The technical aspects of a great logo design

Versatility – A great logo should be able to work at any size and across all assets. It needs to be able to work in both horizontal and vertical spaces, on your website, on print material and on merchandise. It also needs to work in multiple colour formats so that it isn’t limited to only being displayed on a black or white background for example.

Simplicity – A great logo is simple and effective. A simple logo is more memorable and ties in heavily with its versatility. Cluttered, complicated logos are very hard to use in a large range of formats and are often hard for a customer to recall.

Memorability – An effective logo will be easily recalled by customers. The easier they can remember your logo, the more of an impact it will have in their mind. For example, the majority of people will be able to recall Apple’s logo, e.g “An apple with a bite out of it”.

Relevance – Unbelievably many businesses will opt for a logo that doesn’t represent their business and what they’re about. Always remember that your logo is a representation of your business, not just an icon or stamp. Your logo should reflect your business culture, mission and personality.

Uniqueness – Always remember to differentiate yourself from your competitors to avoid being lost in an abundance of similar logos. How many dentists have you seen that use a tooth or a toothbrush as a core element of their logo? They’re all the same and none are memorable.

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