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What Is SEO?

SEO is the act of optimising a website to rank for a selected array of keywords on Google. This allows potential customers to find your website when searching for the products and/or services that you sell, or customers searching for your business name specifically.

With correctly performed SEO websites experience a huge increase in traffic and in turn a big increase in the sales and enquiries from customers ready to buy products or to find businesses that provide the services they are seeking.

After many years as a Northern Beaches SEO Agency performing SEO for clients from a variety of industries, we have developed a tried and tested set of procedures and an intense understanding of what it takes to get your website ranking on Google.

This article explains the basic concept of SEO and how it helps you attract more website traffic and better targeted users.

How Does SEO Work?

The act of SEO itself is an art. Google have a set of criteria that they use the rank websites based on the content they include and their relevance to the keywords being typed in Google. To perform SEO we ensure the website meets Google’s criteria and that the content within the website provides customers with relevant, useful, and interesting information.

Sounds easy? Well there’s a catch! Google doesn’t actually release the exact set of criteria that websites must meet to rank for desired keywords. It’s only after years of research, trial and error, and proven results that SEO agencies like us here at The Honest Agency have worked out what the criteria are and how to best cater to Google’s needs.

How Do We Perform SEO?

In a Nutshell we perform the SEO process by carrying out the following activities on your website the first set of procedures are the “setup phase” required to attract your initial ranks and to ensure the website is correctly structured to provide a base to build your SEO long term.

SEO Setup Procedures

  • Setup of Google Webmaster Tools
  • Creation of sitemaps
  • Submission of sitemaps to Google
  • Installation of caching system
  • Setup on our reporting platform (Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reporting)
  • Title Tag optimisation and creation
  • Meta description creation
  • Content optimisation
  • URL structure setup
  • Crawl error issue fixes
  • Robot.txt setup
  • Device responsiveness
  • Page speed optimisation
  • Text readability analysis and optimisation
  • Image title creation and optimisation
  • Image alt text creation and optimisation

Ongoing SEO Procedures

  • Quality content creation to create additional pages that will rank on Google
  • Setup of all new pages and posts to meet Google’s criteria
  • Link building (directory, article, contextual, signature)
  • Amendments to existing content to further improve ranks
  • Updates to website as necessary to keep things running smoothly
  • SEO strategy amendments based on further keyword research

Why Is SEO Important?

It’s 2022, consumers now have complete and unparalleled access to the internet and utilise search engines like Google to answer questions, and more importantly, find businesses just like yours. The first thing most people do when searching for a product or service is to type it into Google and find a local business that can provide what they are seeking.

If you’re looking for exposure and increased sales online SEO is a must.

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