The old analogy of “how long’s a piece of string” truly comes into play when asking the question “How much does a website design cost?”. There are many, many parts to a website design and a huge list of functions you may want your website to include.

This article breaks down the various elements that a website may include and helps you gain an understanding of the costs and time frames associated with calculating the cost of a website.

As a bonus we have also included a handy website design cost calculator so you can get an estimate on your own website design cost.

Cost Factor One – Number of pages

The number of pages in your website helps your web designer get a basic understanding of your website’s physical size. Try to think about the number of pages you would like your website to include. Examples may include “Home”, “About”, “Services”, “Contact”, “Blog” and more.

Don’t forget to take into account the number of blog posts you would like included if you are after a blog or the number of products you would like entered if you’re wanting to include an online store.

Cost Factor Two – Functionality Needed

There is a seemingly endless list of functionality your website can include. Functionality refers to the actions or tasks you would like your website to be able to perform. In short the more complicated your website is and the more you want it to do, the higher the price point will be.

Examples of popular functionality:

  • Ecommerce Facilities
  • Memberships
  • Advanced Contact Forms
  • Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor Integration
  • Live Chat
  • Subscription Systems
  • Booking System

Cost Factor Three – Decisiveness & Revisions

Decisiveness relates to how confident you are in your choices. Typically your website cost relates directly to the amount of time your web designer anticipates spending on your website during both the website design and development phases. If you make a decision, your web designer carries out your wishes, and then you change your mind, the amount of wasted labour quickly ads up and will end up hurting your back pocket.

It is important to communicate your ideas with your web designer and to also take into account their professional advice. The web design brief is the place to hash out your ideas and come up with the basic design elements and website functionality that you would like to have included.

Website Cost Calculator

The calculator below is a basic cost calculator to give you an understanding and an estimate on what a new website will cost you. Keep in mind this is simply an estimate. A proper website strategy session will need to be held to provide a formal quote.

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