Step 1 – The Web Design Brief

In order to kick off the website design phase you will need to pay your deposit. The deposit amount will be invoiced to your business and can be paid via direct deposit or through Stripe. All payment details are listed on the invoice that you will receive. 

Once the deposit has been paid, the first step in the web design process is the web design brief. During this brief your personal graphic designer will run you through a series of questions to gain an in depth understanding of your personal preferences.

The questions asked will revolve around design elements you like, websites that you love, and the goals you have for your business. Your graphic designer’s top priority is to make sure your website looks great, but also works towards meeting your business goals and driving sales for your business.

During the brief your web designer will guide you through the copy (text) that is needed and help you map out exactly what you will write for each page. A deadline for you to provide the copy will be agreed upon and you will need to supply all copy by this date so we can get your website designs started. It is important to have copy ready before we start the designs as the website design will revolve around copy length and composition. 

If you are finding it hard to write your own copy we offer paid copywriting  services and can quote based on your needs. 

Step 2 – The Web Design Phase

Once your web designer has all copy supplied and a solid understanding of what you expect from your website they will get to work creating mockups. A mockup will be created for every page of the website so you know exactly how the website will look once developed.

You will be asked to approve or make changes to each page of the website as they are designed. You are able to request up to 2 complete rounds of changes to each page of the website to ensure the designs meet your exact preferences.

Once you have signed off all pages and are happy with the work your graphic designer had produced, the website will be put into development.

During the web design phase we request that you try to reply to questions and requests as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours. The longer it takes to get your feedback the longer the entire process takes. 

Step 3 – Development & Launch Phase

Step Three is the web development and launch phase. The web development and launch phase is in effect the easiest phase for you as the customer. You will not need to have any input until the development has been completed.

This phase involves our web developers creating the website from scratch. The end result will be an exact representation of your website mockup created during the web design phase.

Upon completion you will be shown the website development to test the website out for yourself and to request any final changes if necessary. This is where you get to play with the website for yourself for the first time and see it as your customers will see it once live.

Once you have given final approval of the website development we will send you your final invoice for website payment. This payment needs to be made before we put the website live. As soon as payment is received we will launch the website so it can be seen by your customers. 

Step 4 – Marketing Your Website

Step four is an optional part of the web design process however it is highly recommended if you are wanting your website to perform as a sales producing machine.

Once live, your website will is effectively “invisible” to customers as it will not be showing in Google’s search results and will only be accessible if customers type in your exact url. The key to generating website traffic is to carry out one or more forms of online marketing.

Our recommended online marketing services to get your website found online are SEO (search engine optimisation) and Google Adwords (also know as Google Ads).


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