In a world where smartphones reign supreme, mobile friendly web design has never been more important.

Increase your sales enquiries

Land more clients with our conversion oriented web design formula.

Increase credibility & professionalism

An impressive website creates an air of credibility in the minds of your clients.

Stand out from your competitors

Don’t get lost in a sea of other businesses offering the same services as yours.

Inspire customer confidence

Quality website design inspires confidence and promotes trust with your client base.

The friendly and honest agency.

Very happy with the service, output and follow up. Can help your business with a wide variety of services.

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Mobile Friendly Web Design Features

Viewing a website on a mobile that is not mobile friendly is a difficult task. Zooming, trying to click buttons that are too small, not being able to view the whole page at once are some of the pain points.

When making sure your website responds to mobile we follow industry standard mobile responsiveness guidelines and use Google’s own mobile responsiveness testing system to ensure your customers will receive an unparalleled mobile experience when using your website.

Some of the primary features we ensure our mobile website designs include are:

  • Mobile menus
  • Click to call functions
  • Swiping functionality
  • Responsive text sizing
  • Responsive images
  • Mobile Friendly Forms

SEO & Mobile Friendly Web Design

Google now give mobile friendly websites preference over standard websites when allocating ranks. A mobile friendly website will help you significantly improve your website ranks giving you an edge over your competitors.

The idea behind Google giving preference to mobile friendly websites is that their priority is supplying users a great experience and showing them websites that will best meet their needs. If a website is mobile friendly it makes browsing easier for users and in the eyes of Google this is worth better rankings in their search results.

Mobile Friendly Web Design Statistics

  • Mobile devices now have a 50%+ share of global online traffic
  • 83%+ of mobile users now own a smartphone in Australia
  • 80% of customers won’t continue using a website that works poorly on mobile
  • 61% of users are unlikely to return to a website if it was difficult to use on mobile

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