We provide affordable web design solutions without compromising quality.

Increase your sales enquiries

Land more clients with our conversion oriented web design formula.

Increase credibility & professionalism

An impressive website creates an air of credibility in the minds of your clients.

Stand out from your competitors

Don’t get lost in a sea of other businesses offering the same services as yours.

Inspire customer confidence

Quality website design inspires confidence and promotes trust with your client base.

The friendly and honest agency.

Very happy with the service, output and follow up. Can help your business with a wide variety of services.

Alice Thompson


What comes with our affordable website designs?

A great website design is one that works towards achieving your business goals and that drives sales for your business. This does not necessarily mean your website needs all the “bells and whistles” to provide the results you are after.

A simple website that looks great and includes appropriate call to actions and content can provide fantastic results and provide a good boost in sales for your business.

Our Silver Website Package as outlined in the section below is a great start to creating a beautiful and effective online presence.

Cheap Website Design with growth in mind

Opting for our base “Silver Package” will provide you with a stunning one page website setup to attract enquiries and that is also mobile responsive. This means you will have a mobile friendly website that will will work flawlessly on all computers, tablets, and smartphones.

The best part is that your website design can be added to in future if you decide to add additional pages or increase the size of your website. Gone are the days of rebuilding your website from scratch if you wish to make changes.


The Honest Perspective on Cheap Web Design

At The Honest Agency we always aim to be completely transparent and honest with our clients. That being said, we want you to know the difference between an affordable web design solution such as our “Silver Package” and a larger scale website that will attract a higher price tag.

Your “Silver Package” website will not rank well on Google’s search results. The aim of this website package is to instead give you website design that will act as a sales tool for your business and as an online business card.

“Silver Package” websites are perfect to direct your marketing to. Our clients often direct their Facebook advertisements to their websites and some clients even opt to carry out Google Advertisements that are directed to their website to land sales.

Some clients also put their website url on flyers that they distribute so that potential customers can go online to find out more about their business and service offering.

If you decide in future that your would in fact like your website to rank well on Google’s search results, we can add additional pages to your website and carry out SEO for you to attract the website ranks that you desire.

Receive a free website strategy session.

We will supply you with a complete breakdown of your current online presence and advise on areas you can focus on to increase your level of sales and enquiries.

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