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Web Design Tips For A Better Conversion Rate

Web design can make or break your online marketing campaign as your success relies on how many customers visiting your site convert into actual sales.

The importance of a well converting website cannot be stressed enough as the last thing any business wants to do is to spend money driving traffic to their website, only to attract a dismal level of enquiry as a result.

From years of research and experience creating hundreds of websites for successful customers, we have developed a set of key web design tips that will give you the best possibility to land customers once they hit your website. Implementing these suggestions in your own web design is sure to increase your conversion rate and in turn profits.

Include Contact Details in Website Header & Footer

One of the best web design tips we can provide is to always include your phone number, social media links, and email in the header and/or footer of your website. Adding your contact details to the header and footer ensure your customers always have a way to contact you no matter what page of your website they are viewing.

There is no bigger conversion killer than a customer searching for your contact details for more than a few seconds. From experience and our own analytics, customers who cannot find contact details of a business when they are wanting to make an enquiry or purchase within a few seconds are highly likely to exit the site altogether.

Keep Your Forms Short

If you decide to use a contact form on as a part of your website design we highly recommend keeping the number of fields on the form to a minimum. Generally the fields “Name”, “Email, “Phone” and “Message” are more than enough for you to obtain the necessary details to help a customer and are few enough to not scare off a potential customer.

Long winded forms may seem attractive from a business perspective as they give you better insight into your customer needs and can aid a sale, however customers are likely to deem filling out the form “too hard” if presented with too many fields to fill in.

Break Up Your Information With Headings

Just like the page you are reading now, it important to break up content via the use of headings. When designing your site, pay attention to reducing large blocks of unbroken text and use headings to help your audience find the information they are looking for more easily.

Many customers are coming to your website for a specific reason and generally only want to read through information that is relevant to their needs or situation. Making a customer sift through large amounts of unbroken information is a sure fire way to lose a potential sale.

Use Colour To Direct Customer Attention

The use of a standout or noticeable colour as a part of your website colour palette is a great way to ensure your website visitors direct their attention to the areas you want them to visit or focus on.

A classic example is using a bold colour to highlight your buttons that lead to important pages on your website or that allow users to submit a form.

Picture a user has just read through an entire blog post. Where do they go now, or more importantly what do you want them to do now?

A short contact form at the bottom of the post could easily be missed, but with the use of a bright button the users attention is directed to the form increasing the likelihood that they will interact with it and make an enquiry.

Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

Jumping into developing a website without mapping out a strategy and design is a quick trip to failure. The old analogy “failing to plan is planning to fail” really comes into play if the design phase of your website design is overlooked.

Using the services of a qualified graphic designer with experience in web design specifically is your best bet if you are truly wanting to get the most out of your website and if you are serious about making your website work as a genuine sales tool for your business.

Designers like those here at The Honest Agency have years of experience and have the necessary skills to attract a high rate of conversion for your website whilst still ensuring the site makes a great impression on customers visiting.

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