Drive sales and promote your brand through Facebook & Instagram.

Increase your sales enquiries

Land more clients with our targeted social media advertisements.

Get noticed by your target market

Get noticed and make customers aware of your range of products and services.

Improve return on investment

Receive a fantastic return on the money you invest into advertising.

Promote Customer Loyalty

Encourage existing customers to return and purchase your products services again.

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Facebook & Instagram

Our preferred social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram. Backed by an enormous amount of data, we are able to directly target the market that you want to connect with and drive sales for your business through advertising.

Your Honest Social Media Manager will learn the ins and outs of your business, help you identify your primary target markets, and will strategise, develop, optimise and maintain your Facebook and Instagram campaigns from start to finish.

Promote Brand Awareness

Many businesses don’t have customers actively searching for their services online as customers may not know the services exist, may not have thought to use the business services, or may not be at the exact stage they are ready to buy.

Social Media is the perfect avenue to make customers aware of your services and educate them before they decide to take the leap and make a purchase or enquiry.

A Focus on ROI

ROI (return on investment) is often front of mind for business owners looking to undertake social media advertising. In the end the real reason businesses want to utilise social media is to increase their sales and enquiries. If you’re going to spend money on advertising you want to see a large volume of sales in return that outweigh the initial investment.

Through the use of Facebook and Instagram data, social media strategy development, content development, targeted advertisements, remarketing, the use of landing pages, the use of mailing lists, and the development and optimisation of social media campaigns, our team of social media managers will drive sales and enquiries through the door for your business and make sure you receive the ROI you are seeking.

Community & Loyalty

Through social media we are able to build a community of loyal followers that you can use in a number of ways to increase your level of sales. This includes remarketing to existing clients in order to push further purchases.

Social Media allows you to better connect with customers on a more personal level and promotes a sense of loyalty from customers who connect with your brand.

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