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SEO Reporting

Our SEO reporting allows you to track the ranks we produce through our SEO services.Track statistics such as the keywords you are targeting, the ranks we have achieved for your website, and how many places your ranks have changed since we started our SEO services.

The best bit about the SEO reporting is that each rank comes with a link that allows you to see your rank in Google’s search results for yourself. Seeing in believing!

Website Auditing

Our reporting platform doesn’t only track metrics, it also provides a breakdown of any issues on your website that could affect the success of your online marketing. The reporting platform’s inbuilt auditing tool will summarise any issues present on your website and then provide an explanation of how each issue can have a negative effect on your online marketing efforts.

Have the piece of mind that your website is issue free and that you have a solid base for us to perform SEO and Adwords that will drive significant volumes of targeted traffic through the doors.

Google Adwords Reporting (Google Ads)

Our Google Adwords reporting allows you to track the success of the Adwords campaigns we put together for you. The system will allow you to keep an eye on metrics such as average cost per click, your ad spend, average ad position, and more.

Most importantly, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your campaigns by seeing a direct connection between your ads and an increase in revenue. our Adwords reporting allows you to keep an eye on your ROI (return on investment) and track which ads are directly contributing to an increase in enquiries and/or sales through the website.

Reports That Suit You

The delivery of your reports is flexible. Choose from daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly reports that breakdown your marketing analytics. If you really want to keep a handle on your website progress and marketing success anywhere, anytime, we also offer the ability to log into our reporting platform and see live results for yourself 24/7.

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