Our SEO process is designed to make sure your website is setup perfectly to rank on Google.

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More traffic to your website means an increase in sales and enquiries.

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Step One – SEO Brief

Step One is the SEO briefing phase. During this phase you are introduced to your personal SEO manager who will guide you through the entire SEO process.

Your SEO manager will run you through an SEO specific brief that will help them understand the types of customers you are trying to attract, the geographic locations you would like to rank for, and the types of keywords you would like to rank for. Your SEO manager will also ask questions about your business, products and services to gain an understanding of what your business has on offer and what differentiates you from your competitors.

Step Three – SEO Setup

Step three is where things get technical. Your SEO manager will now use the information gathered in the research phase to start setting up your website to achieve it’s initial ranks.

During the SEO setup your SEO manager will:

  • Amend any website technical issues
  • Setup page titles
  • Setup page url’s
  • Setup page meta titles
  • Setup page meta descriptions
  • Setup image titles
  • Setup image alt texts
  • Content keyword density assurance
  • Text readability verification & changes
  • 301 redirect setup where necessary
  • Setup of a Google Business (location) listing
  • Setup of your website on our reporting platform

Step Two – SEO Research

Once your SEO manager knows your expectations and has a sound understanding of your business they will get started with researching your keywords and competition.

Your SEO manager will use our research tools and programs to verify the level of competition each keyword has, the amount of users searching for your keywords each month, and will identify additional keywords that will be advantageous to rank for.

If you have an existing website and are not having your website redesigned, your SEO manager will also run an SEO audit to uncover any website technical issues that will directly affect your ability to rank on Google.
Once the research phase has been completed your SEO manager will seek your final approval so they can move ahead with the SEO setup of your website.

Step Four – Ongoing SEO

Once your website is setup to rank, the next step is to write blog posts month to month to continue to improve existing ranks and to branch out to attract additional ranks.

Depending on your SEO package your SEO manager will write from 1 to 4 blog posts per month and optimise these to rank for specific keywords that will help your business attract additional website traffic through increased ranks.

Additional posting blogs, your SEO Manager will also amend existing pages to further improve ranks, will make updates to the website to make sure it is functioning correctly, will supply monthly reports to ensure you know exactly how your website is performing and will organise a monthly consultation with you to discuss your results and answer any questions you may have.

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