Back in 2010 Google released a statement indicating website speed was now a factor in how well a website ranks on Google. When you think about it, it seems obvious that website speed would indeed have an effect on SEO as Google always want to provide their users with a great experience and show them the websites that will best meet their needs.

Slow websites are clunky, time consuming and produce enormous bounce rates as users typically don’t want to wait around to find what they’re looking for. Google in their wisdom decided that they would prefer to show users websites that loaded fast and were easier to use to provide a great experience.

Like most SEO techniques, increasing your site speed isn’t going to skyrocket your website ranks, but it is a small part of many actions that produce great SEO results over time. Couple a faster website with great website copy, a solid website backed by regular website SEO audits, properly setup on page SEO, and the range of additional SEO tasks and you’ll soon have a site that trumps your competition and drives consistent and healthy traffic to your website.

What can be done to speed up a website?

We have touched on website speed in a previous article titles “How To Make Your Website Faster“, but in a nutshell there are three primary ways to get your website loading quickly.

  1. Get a good website host – your $5 per month hosting isn’t cutting it. Your hosting is the backbone of your website and needs to be up to scratch.
  2. Install a Caching Plugin – Caching Plugins will pre-load the site for users, reduce load time of website code, and provide quicker load times.
  3. Reduce Image Sizes – Images sizes are almost always too big on slow sites. Keep your images to a max of 500kb where possible.

How to move to a better hosting provider

If you’re ready to take the leap and say goodbye to your lacklustre hosting company, we can help you get everything together to move into the world of high speed websites.¬†Visit our previous article “How To Change Hosting Providers” to learn exactly what it takes to move.

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