One of the biggest flaws of most websites is the fact that the business owner can’t track how the website is being used. Luckily there is a way to easily monitor the way your customers are using your website without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re having a new website created or you’re looking to have your website design revised, Hotjar can give you the data and answers you need to help you land the enquiries you seek.

The “Hotjar” Website Tracking System

Hotjar is a website tracking system that allows you to monitor exactly how your customers are using your website. It supplies data in a very easy to follow format and even lets you record each customer so you can physically watch how they used your website and lets you follow them from page to page.


See a visual representation of the “hotspots” that customers are interacting with on your website. These are generally menu links, image links, or buttons that you have placed on your website.

The beauty of hot spots is that they track the number of clicks on a given part of your website so you can see exactly where customers are going (or not going) in order to make adjustments to your website design.

Scroll Monitoring

Monitor exactly how far users scroll on each page of your website. This allows you to see how deep customers go into your content and will act as a guide, allowing you to decide exactly where to place important information on your site.

If your call to action is at the bottom of your page, but only 10% of customers are actually reaching it, you may decide to move the call to action higher or to make the content at the top of the page more engaging to entice your users to scroll further.

Video Recordings

Video recordings allow you to put yourself in the shoes of the customer and watch them as they try to navigate your website.

There’s nothing more revealing than watching a customer use your website in front of your eyes. Watch as they scroll, read copy, view images, click links, use various website functions, and make enquiries.

Use this data to see exactly where customers get lost on your website and to work out ways to make navigation and enquiring easier for even the most technically stunted users.

Advanced Website Tracking Features

Want to get a little bit technical and really delve into making your website a better place for your customers? Hotjar has a host of advanced features to help you work out the nitty gritty details of your website’s user experience.

Look at where customers are leaving your site, monitor the way forms are being used, identify the most and least popular areas of your website, and ask for feedback from customers in order to provide an unsurpassed user experience.

Start Monitoring Your Own WordPress Website

Are you looking to track your own website and start making changes to increase the number of enquiries you’re receiving? Contact our team today for a free quote.

Typically Hotjar can be installed on your WordPress Website for as little as $200.

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