Anyone who has run a small business at any point will know that things can get tough. 16 hour work days, financial strain, economic uncertainty, and various business challenges can drive you to looking internally and doubting yourself. When things get stressful it is easy to slip down the slippery slope of negativity toward giving up on your dream.

Through our own research and experience we have developed a list of tips and activities that will help you get back into a positive mindset and remain motivated. Motivation is a huge driver of success and it is important that we retain motivation if we want to turn our business dreams into reality.

Stay Healthy

It may sound cliche, but a healthy body often results in a healthy mind. Regular exercise and eating healthy will ensure you are able to perform at your best and put your all into growing your business. A quick run to the local fast food joint may seem easy, but long term this will lead to weight gain, lethargy and ultimately a bad mindset.

Staying healthy is not limited to working out and eating right. It is also important to take time regularly to relax and switch off from work to regain your energy. This can be as simple as taking an actual break to have time to eat lunch everyday. Working through lunch each day and eating at your desk may save time, but repeating this for an extended period of time can leave you burnt out very quickly.

Learn From The Best

We often listen to business podcast or read books about entrepreneurs who started from the bottom and built their businesses from the ground up. These entrepreneurs have often experienced the same difficulties as you may be, and can generally provide great ways of getting through the tough times. Learn from their mistakes, listen to their stories, and believe that if they can do it, you can too!

Our favourite podcast that always helps us when we’re feeling deflated is “How I Built This” by NPR. The podcasts is comprised of interviews with successful entrepreneurs who have started some of the world’s biggest and most profitable companies. Some of our favourite interviews from the series are Richard Branson of Virgin, John Collison of Stripe, and James Dyson of Dyson.

Set Achievable Business Goals

Goal setting in business gives you things to work towards. It is important however to make sure the goals you set are achievable. We like to set ourselves short term goals on a regular basis and then go all guns blazing to try and hit the mark.

There is nothing more satisfying than setting yourself a sales goal, or similar, and then reaching or exceeding your goal. It’s a great way to keep positivity and motivation high as we all like to accomplish tasks, especially if these tasks are helping you build your business and profits.

Work With Others

There are always times where you will need to go it solo and work alone to achieve success. If at all possible we find that working within a team however is a great way to liven things up and make business more fun.

A team environment is great for motivation as ranging personalities and perspectives can give better insight into ways of going about tasks and allows you to bounce ideas off each other and keep each other on track. Think of it like playing a game of Football. The feeling when the final whistle blows and you are in the lead as a result of your combined efforts is hard to beat!

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