Changing hosting providers is a very straightforward process if you have the right details to begin with. In this article we we go over what happens during your migration when moving to The Honest Agency servers and what you will need to supply us with.

How does the website server migration work?

The process of the migration put simply is the transfer of all data from your old server to your new server. This includes all of your code, text, images, videos, emails, and user accounts.

During the migration you will not need to do anything as the team here at The Honest Agency will handle the entire process from start to finish. You will however need to supply us will all requested logins up front so we have access to everything we need.

The Process

We access your old server and pull all content across to your new high speed hosting server managed by the team here at The Honest Agency.

We access your domain and point it to the new server. This ensures the domain name displays the website that is now hosted on our server.

If your emails are hosted on your server we will supply you with new email logins so you can reconnect them to your devices. If you are hosting your emails with GSuite or Office 365 you will not need to do anything.

Logins we will need from you

To migrate your website and emails from the old hosting server to your new hosting server at The Honest Agency we will need you to supply all of the following login details in full.

Cpanel Logins

WordPress Logins

Domain Name Logins
Provider Name:
Domain Transfer Password “EPP” (only needed if you would like to transfer your domain to us):

How much downtime will there be?

Typically we can migrate a standard sized website with downtime of no more than 15 to 30 minutes or so.

To ensure your business is unaffected we will perform the migration during the early hours of the morning, typically between 12am and 6am to ensure as few customers as possible will be attempting to access your website at the time of the migration.

When can you cancel your old hosting?

We recommend cancelling your old website hosting once we give the all clear that your website and all emails have come across to our servers in full. At this point you are free to contact your old provider and cancel your services.

Be sure to make sure that all direct debits, if any, with your old hosting provider are cancelled as you want to ensure you are no longer being charged.

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