When it comes to hosting most clients are unaware of what they are actually receiving or what the numbers really mean. One of the biggest misconceptions is how much disc space you really need to host your website.

Many hosting companies and web design companies quote enormous disc space figures knowing good and well that their clients will never use the disc space allocated and unfortunately clients often fall into the trap of “bigger must be better”.

What is Disc Space?

When we talk about website hosting, disc space is the amount of space your server has that is allocated to storage. This is where all of your website text, images, videos, plugins, products, emails, and general data is stored.

Once you reach your disc space limit you will need to upgrade your hosting or your website will go down.

How Much Disc Space Is Really Needed?

To make things easier to picture, below is a list of typical website items and the amount of disc space they take up.

WordPress System = 30mb
Typical Theme = 5mb
Typical Total Plugins = 80mb
15 images = 1.5mb
All text and pages (10 page site) = 1mb
5000 emails = 375mb

Total = 492.5mb

In total an average site as above with 5000 emails stored on the server will only take up a measly 492.5mb of space on your server.

As a reference typically 5gb of disc space as storage will be more than enough for even the biggest display site and will last for years to come before you need to even consider upgrading your hosting due to reaching your memory limit.

An Example of a Big Website

Picture a website design with 100 pages and a minimum of 3 images per page. Add 10,000 emails to this server, the WordPress system, a big theme, and triple the amount of plugins a standard website would use.

100 pages and 300 images = 40mb
WordPress = 30mb
Typical Theme = 5mb
Triple Normal Total Plugins = 240mb
10,000 emails = 750mb

Total = 1.065gb

The website above is huge, and we mean HUGE! This website still only takes just over a gb of space up and that includes 10,000 emails stored on the server.

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