Graphic Design is sometimes overlooked by business owners looking to increase sales and grow their businesses, however this can be detrimental to profits and growth rates. Graphic Design plays a crucial role in promoting your business, conveying your message to your customers, and painting your business in a professional, authentic light.

Graphic Design Helps Differentiate You From Your Competitors

Take two websites and place them side by side. Both websites contain the exact same text, similar images, and are offering a product at the exact same price. On paper, both businesses should have an equal chance at landing a customer and selling the products that they are advertising.

Picture these same two websites, however imagine website one has been professionally designed, looks modern, and displays its products in an easy to digest fashion with clear calls to action. Imagine now that website two is a simple black and white website with an average logo, poor quality image resolution and has a clunky menu with too many options. Which website are you going to purchase from?

The answer seems obvious, but many businesses still overlook the importance of graphic design in gaining an edge over your competition. A great logo, branded elements, strategised website layouts, and easy to follow navigation all comes under the banner of graphic design and in most cases will be high up on the list of factors that push customers to select your business over your competitors.

Graphic Design Promotes Trust and Brand Loyalty

Graphic Design plays a large factor in the popularity of a business and the emergence of brand loyalty. A business that looks sleek, modern, and oozes with the “cool factor” opens itself to attracting avid followers who want to be a part of something big, or to be associated with a “popular brand”.

Take Apple as an example. Apple has a lengthy list of competitors, many that offer products that are technically superior and offered at a cheaper price. It is Apple’s brand that keeps droves of customers coming back year after year to purchase their products. Apple customers enjoy being a part of something big and being associated with a brand that has the “cool factor”. It is Apples strict branding that has been ever so slightly tweaked over the years that has played a crucial role in creating the “cool factor” and brand that is so popular today.

Graphic Design Enhances Brand Recognition

With the emergence of more and more businesses and the crowding of today’s various industries, standing out from the noise created by these companies trying to advertise their services is an increasingly difficult task.

A strong and attractive brand is a leading factor in being noticed by customers initially, and then being recognised in future. A great brand will leave a lasting impression on customers and should be able to be recognised through various branded elements such as its logo, colour scheme, fonts, and branded design elements such as textures, shapes, or imagery style.

Take Airbnb as an example. Airbnb have done a fantastic job at creating a recognisable brand. Through their simple yet effective “A” logo, modern and simplistic font, and bold salmon highlight colour, they stand out from the pack and are easily noticed and recognised online no matter where they are advertised. It’s through effective graphic design that airbnb has been able to create their brand and are now recognised worldwide.

The Honest Agency’s Graphic Design Services

Let our Graphic Designers here at The Honest Agency help you create a brand or reinvigorate your existing brand. Our graphic designers can help set you apart from your competitors and create a brand you can truly be proud of.

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