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Below we have put together 5 crucial Google Adwords advertising tips that most business owners wish they knew before using Google Adwords to drive traffic to their websites.

#1 Traditional Adwords Advertising Accounts Are a Must Have?

One of the first decisions you need to make when starting a Google Adwords account is whether you want to utilise an “Adwords Express” account or a traditional Adwords account.

Simply put, if you want to unlock the full potential of your Adwords and receive the best return on investment, we suggest the setup of a traditional Google Adwords account. A Traditional Adwords account gives a lot more control over your campaigns.

Yes, it does take a bit longer to learn the ins and outs, but the steeper learning curve will definitely pay off when you reap the rewards of your labour.

#2 Every Adwords Advertisement Needs a Landing Page

One of the biggest mistakes we see new Adwords users make when setting up a campaign is simply directing all advertisements to the home page of their website. In some cases directing advertisements to the home page is appropriate, but for the most part a new landing page for each ad is a must.

The reason we suggest always having a landing page is simple, customers want to click your ad and then see content directly related to what the ad was promoting. There is nothing worse for conversion than having an ad advertise a specific service of your business, and then directing a user to the homepage of your site and making them search your site for the services they are seeking.

As an example, a plumber may want to advertise “Hot Water System Repairs”. An ad for hot water system repairs would be created within the Adwords account of the business and then directed to a page specifically about hot water system repairs and what the business can do to solve the problems customers may be experiencing.

#3 Quality Content Is Important

When directing an advertisement to a page on your website, Google verifies how relative the content is to the ad you have created. The better your content relates to the advertisement created, the more likely your ad is to be shown to customers and the cheaper your cost per click will be.

Using the same example as the previous Tip, a plumber advertising hot water system repairs would direct users to a page specifically talking about hot water system repairs. This would result in a great quality score and a better return on investment for the business.

If the plumber simply directed the advertisement to generic services page it would likely incur a much higher cost per click and a lower conversion rate (rate at which views are turned into enquiries).

#4 Make Sure You Target Locations

This seems like a no brainer, however we see many users eat up their budget advertising to areas they don’t service! Why pay for ads to be displayed to customers Australia wide, when you only service the Northern Beaches?

The Google Adwords System allows you to specify Suburbs, Regions, States, & Countries you would like your ads displayed to. It may take a little extra time to setup all your locations, however it is well worth the effort to save yourself on wasted spend.

#5 Utilise Remarketing

Google Adwords Remarketing allows you to target customers that have already visited your website and shown interest in your services. This means the conversion rate for remarketing is generally much higher.

Effectively remarketing allows you to “follow” customers around the web by displaying visual advertisements of websites that allow Google ads to be displayed. A user who has visited your website and then sees your ads multiple times over a short period of time is very likely to recognise your brand and convert into a sale for your business.

The downside to remarketing is that the visual ads will typically need to be designed by a graphic designer, however agencies such as Honest Media can provide graphic design services at great rates and get you on the path to successful remarketing.

Want Someone To Run Your Google Adwords Campaign?

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