Your footer is a very important part of your overall website design and particular care and attention needs to be taken to ensure it acts as a conversion point that drives enquiries for your business. At a minimum your footer should be helping your audience navigate your site and helping avoid “dead ends” that cause users to leave the website.

The following article discusses the 4 must have elements of an effective website footer.

Business Contact Details

This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many websites we come across that don’t include the contact details of the business in the footer. Typically once a user reaches the footer they have read through the content and copy on the page and know exactly what you’re offering. This is a prime time to advertise your contact details and encourage them to make an enquiry.

We suggest including your phone number, your email address, and your business address if you want potential customers to know where your office or premises is located. 

A quick tip, if you are going to put your contact details in the footer make sure your email address is appropriate. No using your old Hotmail account from when you were 15 years old. A professional email address that matches your website URL is a surefire way to attract email enquiries and promote your business as a professional choice. 

Your Services List

For most businesses it is likely that a client may be interested in more than one of your services. Adding a list of your primary services to your footer is a great way to help users navigate further and find out more about what you do. 

At a minimum having your services encourages users to spend more time on your website which is always a good think. More exposure to your brand means increased brand recognition and allows you to build more trust with your clients. 

Having your services listed in your footer can also be a helpful SEO trick as it helps Google’s bots navigate around your website. 

Your Blog Feed

Using the same logic as including your services pages in the footer, including your blog feed is a great way to encourage users to delve further into your website and find out more about your business and services. 

After monitoring hundreds of hours of website usage we have fund that a large proportion of users will hit the footer and click on a blog post title that they find interesting. Blogs are a great way to show off your knowledge and to built trust with your potential clients by offering them relevant and useful information without needing contact. 

As with the services pages your blog is a great SEO tool and having links to your blog posts in the footer aids Google in crawling your website to provide you your ranks. 

Your Social Media Links

Adding your social media links to your footer is a great way to help build your community of loyal followers. Users often want to find out more about your business and what better way than checking out your social media. 

If you are going to include social media links in your footer make sure you set them up so they open the link in a new tab. You don’t want users to go to your social media accounts and then forget about your website completely!

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